Silver -Anti-virus Pro for Windows (MRP 699)

Efficient detection and neutralization of all types of threats

High-speed scanning with several scanning threads powered by multi-core systems

  • Thorough scanning of RAM, boot sectors, hard drives and removable data-storage devices, for viruses, Trojans and other malware.
  • Detection of active virus threats only.
  • Comprehensive databases for detecting spyware, riskware, adware, hack tools, and jokers.
  • The SHIFTDEL Shield™ anti-rootkit used by the Scanner detects complex viruses that use rootkit technologies and are able to conceal themselves in an infected system.
  • The console scanner intended for experienced users enables the anti-virus to be run from the command line. It offers users a wide range of options and also utilizes multi-core features.

Real-time protection (SpIDer Guard® file monitor)

  • SpIDer Guard monitors system health in real time and intercepts "on the fly" all calls to files located on local drives, floppy discs, CD/DVD/ Blue-ray disks, flash drives, or smart cards.
  • The file monitor is highly resistant to attempts by malicious programs to disrupt or halt its operation.
  • State-of-the-art technologies implemented in the SHIFTDEL anti-virus engine enable it to monitor the availability of system resources and control its “appetite”, while maintaining effective protection.
  • High performance on machines involved in intensive data stream processing (involving heavy use of file systems, downloading files via torrents, compiling and video rendering).

Protection from unknown threats (preventive protection)

  • FLY-CODE is a unique universal decompression technology that allows viruses packed with packers, unknown even to SHIFTDEL, to be detected.
  • The cutting-edge, non-signature scan technology Origins Tracing™ ensures the high probability that viruses still unknown to SHIFTDEL will be detected.
  • The heuristic analyzer, whose analysis is based on criteria typical of various groups of malicious programs, detects most known threats.
  • SHIFTDEL Process Heuristic protects systems against new, highly prolific malicious programs that are capable of avoiding detection by traditional signature-based analysis and heuristic routines because they haven't yet been analyzed in the anti-virus laboratory and, therefore, are unknown to SHIFTDEL at the moment of intrusion. It analyses behavior of a suspicious program to determine if it is malignant and takes necessary steps to neutralize the threat, if there is any. The new technology protects data from corruption to minimize losses from actions of an unknown virus.
  • The comprehensive analysis of packed threats significantly improves detection of supposedly “new” malicious programs that were known to the SHIFTDEL virus database before they were concealed by new packers. In addition, with such an analysis there is no need to add redundant definitions of new threats into the virus database. With SHIFTDEL virus databases kept small, a constant increase in system requirements is not needed. Updates remain traditionally small, while the quality of detection and curing remains at the same traditionally high level.

Virus-free email (SpIDer Mail monitor)

  • Scan traffic on all ports transmitted via SHIFTDEL-supported protocols, including secure connections (if the user has enabled the option to scan SSL traffic).
  • SpIDer Mail scans mail before e-mails are received by a mail client and prevents malware that is mainly distributed by spam from exploiting software vulnerabilities.
  • The heuristic analyzer, whose analysis is based on criteria typical of various groups of malicious programs, detects most known threats.
  • Real-time anti-virus and anti-spam scanning of e-mails over SMTP/POP3/NNTP/IMAP4.
  • Scanning of encrypted SSL connections (SMTPS/POP3S/IMAP4S).
  • Scanning does not interrupt operation of mail clients and doesn't cause a receipt delay.
  • Individual processing rules are applied for each type of malicious object — viruses, riskware, adware, hack tools, paid dialers, and jokers.
  • An analysis of message contents and sending time allows the characteristics of malicious activities to be detected and prevents mail worms from carrying out mass mailings.

Protection from network attacks

  • Protection against unauthorized access by a network; prevention of data leaks; blocking of suspicious connections on package and application layers.
  • The heuristic analyzer, whose analysis is based on criteria typical of various groups of malicious programs, detects most known threats.
  • The SHIFTDEL Firewall uses its own database of trusted applications. These are programs that incorporate a digital certificate. Applications that SHIFTDEL believes to be legitimate can connect to any address via any port. Exception: if a program is not digitally signed, its signature is invalid, or there is no signature at all, (e.g., those created by enthusiasts or open source programs), the user is prompted to create a rule.
  • The application layer connection control manages the ability of applications and processes to access network resources and registers access attempts in the applications log.
  • Packet-layer filtering makes it possible to control the connection to the Internet regardless of what application is using it. The packet-filter log stores information about packets sent over network interfaces.
  • In Game Mode, a rule dialogue window will appear above any application running in full-screen mode.
  • Real-time monitoring of application networking activities and forced disconnection of applications from the network, if necessary.