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Why Mobile Security Software?

Antivirus protection is now necessary for personal computers. And since smartphones often contain vital personal and business information, you need mobile virus protection as well. Malicious software isn't the only threat to your smartphone, however; the compact size of mobile devices makes them easier to misplace. The best mobile antivirus apps, such as McAfee Mobile Security Premium, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android and Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Premier will protect your smartphone from prying eyes and virtual attackers.

Most cell phones include basic security options, such as the ability to set a PIN to lock the device. While this measure may be enough to deter your friends or mother from looking through personal texts or emails, a simple passcode won't protect your phone from viruses or knowledgeable hackers. The best cell phone virus protection applications give you the ability to lock your phone and SIM card remotely, wipe important information from your memory card and activate your phone's built-in GPS chip to locate the device. For more information about how you can protect your phone, visit our learning center to read additional articles related to mobile phone virus protection.

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Mobile Security Software: What to Look For

A mobile virus can drain your phone’s battery, delete your information and even render certain features nonfunctional. Malware can send infected files to your contacts, send mass messages without your permission, make expensive calls resulting in unwarranted billing, and activate your mobile device's recorder or camera.

We use the following criteria to evaluate smartphone security software:


Mobile antivirus software incorporates antivirus, antimalware, antispam and antiphishing technologies along with firewall security. If you misplace your phone, you will want to choose software that enables you to remotely lock your phone. Some security applications give you the ability to set off a “scream,” or alarm, remotely. If you lose your smartphone, many mobile protection applications can activate the GPS tracker in your cell phone to help you track it down.

Half the fun of owning a smartphone is downloading apps. You may download your app, skip the permissions section and move right on to using the new features. However, that fine print is where security issues may arise. Many apps help themselves to your personal data, access your information, take pictures with your phone's camera and perform other unwanted activities. Antivirus mobile security products scan all of the apps you download to ensure that they are secure.


If the mobile security software guarantees expert protection, you might not care about any extra features the application may offer. The best mobile security & antivirus products offer some outstanding features such as scheduled and on-demand scans, online management options, remote backups, an activity log, parental-control monitoring, and accepted and blocked number lists.


With the limited resources and small size of mobile phones, it is especially important that the mobile security software you use is easy to navigate. The user interface and navigation should facilitate your protection efforts.
Installing the mobile antivirus software on your phone should be simple. You should be able to upload the application directly to your phone or sync to a PC. The application should also receive updates automatically.

Help & Support

When you have questions, help and support should be provided in a variety of formats. Online help should also be available, including instruction manuals and answers to frequently asked questions.

Malware is spreading beyond personal computers. With the growing popularity of Smartphone’s and other mobile devices comes an increase in mobile viruses, malware and spyware. Protect your privacy with the best antivirus for mobile.